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Compliance Dashboard for Chiropractic Physicians

Start Addressing the Elephant in the Practice


Patients said that they would switch providers after a ransomware attack

Health systems spend $39 billion on regulatory compliance annually

Illinois Chiropractic Society members pay nothing more for the Statusfi Compliance Dashboard

Statusfi  EMPOWERS Chiropractic Physicians to track, complete, and renew their practice compliance.

HIPAA Privacy

Employment Practices

Business Structures


Americans With Disabilities Act

HIPAA Security

These are just a few of the major compliance components tracked and informed in Statusfi.

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Compliance shouldn’t be overwhelming

Start believing full compliance is possible.

Organized into manageable groupings, Statusfi celebrates each completed compliance step. Each task provides information links that empower chiropractic physicians with actionable knowledge.

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A dashboard for YOUR practice

Compliance tracking specific to your practice.

Statusfi provides personalized compliance tracking hundreds of requirements, demonstrating progress, and prompting renewal  when requirements expire. 

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Robust capabilities to propel your practice compliance forward

Visualize Progress

Every individual component and category demonstrates improvement and encourages stress-free progress.

CME and Licensing

Interfaces with IDFPR licensing status and ICS CME platform automatically.

Overall Compliance

Watch your compliance success increase both graphically and through percentage displays.

Link to Trusted Sources

Each individual component directs providers to trusted sources that provide specific information related to each component.


Expiration Notice

Stay ahead of the game! Statusfi warns providers when completed requirements are nearing expiration.


Major Components

Requirements are grouped in organized components for fast access and display beautiful progress graphs.

Our Pricing

Statusfi dashboard pricing is simple. ICS members enjoy all of their current benefits and the robust features of the Statusfi compliance dashboard.


Current ICS Physician Members

ICS Members are subscribed at no additional charge

Track hundreds of compliance requirements

Track CME completion automatically from your ICS profile, and you can add non-ICS courses to your transcript.

Tracks completion dates AND flags requirements close to expiration

Monitor your overall compliance progress and sleep better at night

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